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I live on an island in Washington State, not far from the Canadian Border. While the setting must have influenced the first Timothy Holbrook book, our town is not fading like Faith Hollow, nor do we have any known zombies or wizards. I spent many years in the theater and many years writing, and now write fulltime. The theater years are still a great help with pacing, scene construction and plotlines. In the back of my mind when I’m writing and I hear the audience start coughing and shifting in their seats a red light flares and I know it’s time to go back and work harder. On the drawing board is the second Aaron Hanover mystery and the next Timothy Holbrook adventure: “Timothy Holbrook and the Druid’s Circle.” One reader has suggested a sequel to “Tomorrow Will Take Care of Itself” with Mr. Max as the main character. Anything is possible. I love reading comments and questions and do my best to answer all of the ones that aren’t X rated.

How luxurious do you want your writer’s boot camp?

  Dear Reader; a warning.  You may be entering a RANT zone! I got an invitation by e-mail to sign-up for a “luxury weekend” writers’ retreat to be held at an upscale lodge with water views, loads of charm and … Continue reading

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The Writing Game is on a break during August.

     See you in September. *****   My Kindle Books! *4 Spooky Short Stories *A Thorn of the Crown *Paper Cuts *Timothy Holbrook and the Zombie Curse*Tomorrow Will Take Care of Itself Copyright 2011 by Spencer Schankel. All Rights Reserved.

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The End as We Know It!

I’m about to go where no blogster has dared go before; skating on thin ice, working without a net, leaping over ten flaming automobiles on a Harley. So here’s the deal.  Sacrilege warning!  I’ve just read my umpteenth obituary, ode … Continue reading

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A reader wants to know why I write in so many different genres.  Sometimes I wonder that myself and my first response is that I have to be totally interested to write anything at all.  I have a graveyard of … Continue reading

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A woman e-mailed asking how I prepared to write a novel.  Apparently this reader has experience with short stories and commercial non-fiction and has a book in her.  The short answer, dear reader, is that I haven’t a clue.  That’s … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Epic Adventure! One Man’s Unshakeable Love!

A reader asked how I came to write a “woman’s book.” She was referring to A Thorn of the Crown on Kindle. Actually, dear reader, I didn’t exactly write the book. It started as a sort of competition between me … Continue reading

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To Star or Not To Star?

A writer sent a note asking why, if I was so enthusiastic about Philip Corbett’s new book White Sands I only gave it four stars—when he said—it sounds like a five-star review? There are many reasons, reader.  IMHO only books … Continue reading

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